Hi! My name is Harun Šiljak [haːrun ʃɪʎak]: welcome to my personal page.

I’m assistant professor of embedded systems (optimisation and control) at the School of Engineering (Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department), Trinity College Dublin. I do research in the field of complex systems and unconventional control/computation/communication: if that’s why you’re here, check out the Research section. If you’re here because of my popular science/science fiction work, check out the Writing section. Otherwise, you might be interested in my side-projects, cartoons, videos–they are hosted in the Misc section of the site.

Easiest contact method: harun dot siljak [youknowwhat] tcd dot ie.

A map of my education, research, teaching, admin and outreach activities is given below–caveat lector, it turns into a complex network fast. (November 2020 note: the maps are slightly outdated as I transition to my new role)

Also: IEEE Senior Member, COST Action CA18232 (MAT-DYN-NET) Science Communication Officer, Marie Curie Alumni Association Western Balkans Chapter Communication Officer, member of the Bohemian FC and Clapton CFC.